Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gentleman's Guide: Compromises

"Even the most refined of men can find themselves in the midst of an argument. A true gentleman can move past differences and reach common ground. When confronted with such situations a man shall react with tact, conviction, and regard." ----Jaume Franch

Dr. Awkward experienced a rift this past weekend that threatened to tear a ripped hole in the very fibers of the groups existence.

Justin was discussing the trouble he was having finding room for all the dynamite he had recently acquired.

Evan "Boom Boom" Lopez could not believe Justin had anywhere near the amount of dynamite he claimed and that he was a fool for thinking that he was the "new" Dynamite King of Philadelphia.

Everyone knows Boom Boom moves the dynamite in this town.

There is only one way to settle an argument of this magnitude.......................

Milwaukee Stand-Off!!!!


The guys started out with some standard openers. Evan went straight for the Slam...

While Justin countered with "Lip, Grip, Flip and Rip"...


The Pharaoh

The Mage

The "Dan Conner"


Sneak Attack

Cutting out the middleman

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