Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look out! It's Thanksgiving!

Holy crap it is Thanksgiving! I can't believe it has been a year already since the last time Dr. Awkward congregated to celebrate the rape of a native culture and the pillaging of their land. Though last years dinner went without a major incident, the sum of the minor ones was enough to convince us that a group gathering was just not in the cards this year.

Instead we would like to take this time to take stock, look inside ourselves, and share what Thanksgiving means to us and for what we will be giving thanks this year. Thanksgiving, contrary to popular belief, isn't about food, fun, family, fantasy, and friends. It is about the feeling deep down inside that each of us finds on that special Thursday. That feeling that we can't believe we have to go through the motions for another year or maybe it is just a turkey and stuffing fueled dump. Whatever it is it makes us thankful as shit and here some of those things we are thankful for:

Happy Thanksgiving

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