Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We have lived in the future. No I am serious. We have lived in the future and we went right past it. There was a time that the future was donning a helmet or mask or suit, plugging in and taking a nice cool dip into the murky waters of a Virtual Reality. That time was 1992. The virtual world was an open canvas for your imagination. It was an escape to a world in which you controlled your destiny, desires, and where you could surpass your human limitations. Advance to the next level.

Well digging through our basement last week, Dr.Awkward has found the way back. Grab your Doc's, Discman, and flannels and let's step into the other side.
This is your standard VR setup of the day. I can not believe we were one the few that actually hung onto theirs. These things were like VCR's and microwaves in 1992, everyone had them, if not one, a spare on top of that. For you younger readers out there, that funny looking personal video viewer is actually an Adult Size VR Helmet. And those "weirdo" gloves, yep you guessed it, VR Gloves, junior.

The virtual world is nothing to be scared of, the VRuser is always in control. Your first few experiences of VR can be jarring. The utter freedom and power can stifle the initial fulfillment taken from your travels. For an experienced VRuser it can be magical.
Magical. VR allows the VRuser to do anything that their mind can conjure. If you want to fly, you FLY!
It is that easy. Even though you are traversing galaxies and universes of your own design, the VRuser is safe within the confines of home.
With limitless possibility at your finger tips, you are free to do what ever your fingertips would like. Maybe, say, pilot alien spacecraft to regions unknown......
while never leaving the kitchen.
Or just lose yourself, start playing God, and create yourself a VRPet or two and train them into ideal virtual beings.
Now I must warn you, newer VRusers are more susceptable to succomb to the lure of the virtual world and all its enticements, as they have not lived with such a powerful and awe inspiring technology as staple of their edutainment. With frequent use, the lines that usually seperate the real from the virtual will become, not so much blurred, as crystal clear. After prolonged use you will wonder how you have lived without this wonderful release from the modern world.

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