Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comedy Tips: Auditions

To get your big break in comedy is a trial by fire. Shitty gigs,no pay. It is the pits. Actually one of its biggest pitfalls is auditioning. Dr. Awkward auditions every day. We audition for everything we make as a group, just to stay sharp. It is a must.

Sometimes you just don't get the part. Sometimes you get nervous, forget lines, the point. You sweat/smell. You don't even know why you are there. Well we can help you with all that nonsense. Here are a few pointers from Dr. Awkward so you can nail the part and move your little career along.

1. Don't be nervous. - Just be yourself, relax and have fun.

2. Eye contact. - Make lots of eye contact. Boatloads of it. Let them know you are serious about this part. Not just serious, but confident and collected.

3. Be sober. - Now I know we all love to get a little loose from time to time but now is not the time. Your are here to impress. Be professional.

4. Or be just the right amount of drunk. - That being said, there are those sweet drunken moments when you can feel that the cosmos has aligned, things are clicking like clockwork, and everything you say and hear turns to gold.

5. Don't be a bully. - Let's face it, bullies are dicks. That shit is totally uncalled for and it certainly will not be tolerated here.

6. Don't be armed. - There is not one single reason to bring a weapon with you. Not one. Unless you have a good one, but I doubt it. You will be destined for disaster.

7. Stick to the script. - Can't stress this enough. You know people take the time to write that garbage so you might as well spew it back at them how they want to hear it. Just give them what they are asking for and it will pay off every time.

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Anonymous said...

lol. you dudes crack me up.
evan, if your pants get any tighter i'ma start makin some serious fag jokes.

<3 megs ppacker