Thursday, October 9, 2008

Comedy Tips: Warming up

We may make it look easy folks but comedy just doesn't happen on its own these days. The key to comedy success is to be prepared. Dr. Awkward has come to this conclusion after doing nothing and having it produce less than favorable results. Take doing sketches for example, you would think you can just run up on stage or stand up on the bus, say some silly shit and everyone thinks it's gangbusters. Well, no.....comedy just doesn't work that way. What makes good comedy you say? Well shut the fuck up and let me tell you. It is a complex regimen of pre-sketch stretches,workouts, calistedics, and physical abuse that get those comedic juices flowing. Here's how we break it down before we bring the funny.

First off you have to stay loose. This is crucial. Loose as a goose. You want feel like you have had at least five beers 80% of the time you are performing. The other 20% is a combination of keeping up an extreme sweat and having a stomach ache. If this sounds and seems uncomfortable to you, you're wrong and you should just stop reading this because you don't have what it takes to make it. Loser.

The first workout is used to develop trust. If your comedy team lacks trust, you're in some big trouble. You will crash and burn at the mere attempt of humor.
Trust falls are indispensable. They not only instill group confidence, they keep you light on your toes. Any one can fall at a moments notice. For those of you feeling a little more adventurous, take it up a notch with some trust surgery.
After establishing trust, it is imperative that you take a shit.
Clear bowels are the life blood a sketch. This can not be stressed enough. You don't want that coming out mid-scene.

To be properly warmed and ready to go you have to know the game plan. If someone is not set or runs the wrong route, your jokes will fall flat and you will look like a bunch of amateurs. Always study your playbook.
What you guys don't have playbooks?...Jesus, you're hopeless.

Alright we now have trust, clean empty stomachs, and a feeling of self satisfaction that will last for minutes. The last on the list is probably the toughest. Of course I talking about.......... the veggie tray.
Eat it up, the more dip you use the funnier you are on stage.

So there you go. Cats out of the bag. You want to make little comedy? You want make some people laugh? This is how it works. You just have to stick to the plan.

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